Polygon Mumbai Deprecation

Released: 12 April 2024

On 13 April 2024, the Polygon Mumbai testnet will be deprecated and no longer available. This affects everyone, not just Overledger users.

To continue providing you with the best access, we will replace Polygon Mumbai with the Avalanche Fuji network in the Start plan. We are confident that this change will not affect your ability to test your applications, as Avalanche offers a robust and efficient environment for testing applications and smart contracts.

Key changes

  • 13 April: Shutdown of Polygon Mumbai Testnet.
  • 13 April: All token and bridge deployments on Polygon Mumbai will cease functioning.

How this affects you

  • Start plan users will henceforth have access to the Avalanche Fuji Network and the Ethereum Sepolia.
  • Deploy, Scale, and Enterprise customers will no longer have access to Polygon Mumbai, but access to all other testnets remains the same.

What you need to do

  • 13 April: Any existing applications configured to use the Polygon Mumbai testnet must be updated to reflect the change.