How to deploy a Quant smart token

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With Overledger Token Flow, easily deploy fungible or non-fungible tokens and seamlessly integrate them into Token APIs for comprehensive token management and interoperability.


Accessing Overledger Flows for Token Deployment

After logging into Quant Connect, navigate to the Overledger Flows menu on the left-hand side. Expand the menu to reveal the Token Flow option. Select Token Flow, where you'll find a page offering the option to Quick Deploy a token via the button located at the top right corner. Simply follow the prompts to expedite the deployment process.

Quick Deploy

Introduction to Token Deployment

Upon clicking the Quick Deploy button, you'll be directed to a page presenting a series of steps to deploy your token. The initial step, labeled Introduction, provides valuable insights into the deployment process to guide you through.

Selecting Smart Contract Tier

You'll choose the blockchain network for token deployment in the Smart Contract Tier step. Trial accounts offer two options for selection. Additionally, you'll specify the token type (Fungible/Non-Fungible) and deployment type. Available tiers tailored to your token type will be displayed upon selection, each detailing supported functionalities.

Token Details Input

Moving to the third step, you'll input the specific details of the token you intend to deploy, ensuring accuracy and completeness in the provided information.

Review and Confirmation

The fourth step involves reviewing a summary of your token details. Verify all information for correctness. Upon satisfaction, press the "Deploy to Blockchain" button to initiate token deployment to the selected network. A page confirming the deployment in progress will be displayed.

Accessing Deployed Tokens

Following successful deployment, utilise the "Go To My Tokens" button to access your smart tokens page. Here, you'll find a list of all tokens deployed through Connect, facilitating easy management and monitoring of your token assets.

Now that your smart token has been successfully deployed, you can leverage its functionality across a range of token-related APIs. For a comprehensive list of APIs and functionalities available, refer to the documentation specific to Fungible Quant Smart Tokens and Non-Fungible Quant Smart Tokens. These resources provide detailed explanations on utilising your deployed tokens, covering a wide array of functionalities such as transfers, approvals, querying balances, and more.