App operations monitoring

​Keen to accelerate your blockchain journey and add interoperability to your app? Overledger is the right stack for you.

Season One, Episode Two of Overledger Showcase will demonstrate how to monitor account activity and transaction fees, and schedule periodic price analyses using the Zapier integration.

Monitoring account activity

Unlock the full potential of your blockchain applications with our tutorial on monitoring account activity. In this video, we dive into the essential techniques for tracking and analysing account operations on a blockchain platform.

Learn how to efficiently monitor transactions and detect unusual activities regarding your blockchain apps. Perfect for developers looking to enhance their operational insights and maintain robust application performance. Don’t miss this essential guide to proactive account management on blockchain.

Monitoring transaction fees

Stay ahead of the curve by mastering transaction fee monitoring for your blockchain applications. In this video, we explore how to effectively track and manage transaction fees to optimise costs and improve application performance. Ideal for developers focused on financial efficiency and operational excellence in blockchain environments.

Scheduling periodic price analyses

Transform your blockchain application’s performance with automated periodic price analysis. In this video, discover how to schedule and execute regular price checks to stay informed about price trends and make data-driven decisions. Learn to integrate price analysis tools, automate reports, and enhance your app’s responsiveness to market changes. This episode is a must-watch for developers aiming to incorporate real-time financial insights into their blockchain solutions.

What’s Next

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