Remove a smart contract event webhook


This guide offers a detailed walkthrough on removing a webhook associated with a smart contract. Following these steps, you'll be equipped to remove a previously created webhook for a smart contract and cease receiving notifications regarding that smart contract's events.

⚠️ Please note that you can only remove the webhooks you have created. If you haven't set up any webhooks for a smart contract yet, please refer to the documentation on Set a webhook for a Smart Contract for more information


  • Obtain an authorization token
    You must obtain an authorisation token to interact with Overledger's API and call any endpoint. This token will authenticate your requests and grant you access to the necessary endpoints. Please follow the authentication process provided by Overledger to get your authorisation token.

Call the Remove a smart contract Webhooks Endpoint

Once your authorisation token is ready, call the Remove a Smart Contract Webhooks endpoint provided by Overledger's API. This endpoint enables you to remove a specific webhook associated with a smart contract. Specify the webhookId you received when you setup the webhook previously.

Refer to our API reference documentation under Manage Webhooks for Smart Contract Events for detailed information about this endpoint.

Following these steps, you'll seamlessly remove a smart contract's webhook, ensuring that you will no longer receive any notifications about relevant events on that smart contract.