Fungible Quant smart tokens

Fungible tokens are digital assets that are interchangeable with each other, meaning that each token is identical and holds the same value as any other token of the same type. These tokens serve various purposes within blockchain ecosystems, including facilitating transactions, representing assets, and enabling decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. Their fungibility allows for seamless exchange and transfer, making them essential components in token economies and decentralized networks.

Quant offers two tiers of fungible tokens:

  • Base: The Base tier provides fundamental functionalities for tokenisation. It includes operations like Create Credit, Approve Debit, and Create Debit, enabling the creation and transfer of tokens between accounts. Additionally, it provides functionalities such as Account Balance to query balances, Current Supply to monitor the total token supply, and Approved Account Allowance to manage permissions for account debits.
  • Flex: On the other hand, the Flex tier extends these capabilities. Alongside Create Credit, Approve Debit, and Create Debit, the Flex tier enables Mint Tokens and Burn Tokens operations, allowing for token creation and destruction. Furthermore, it offers the flexibility to Add and Remove accounts, providing greater control over token ownership and access.

Developers can explore detailed documentation to gain insights into the specific functionalities and advantages offered by each tier, enabling them to choose the tier that best suits their project requirements.