Overledger introduction

Overledger APIs in a snapshot

Overledger's patented technology facilitates the development of multi-chain applications (mDApps) with tools and unified APIs (application programming interfaces) that enable developers to build, deploy, and manage applications that interact with multiple blockchains simultaneously. Our APIs are standardised, where request and response data models are the same for all supported blockchains.

Overledger APIs offer a range of functionalities that allow developers to integrate blockchain capabilities into their applications more efficiently. Some key features of Overledger APIs include:

Multi-chain interoperability: With Overledger APIs' standardisation, applications interact with different blockchains seamlessly, enabling data and value transfer across various blockchain networks. This interoperability is crucial for building applications that require access to multiple blockchain platforms.

Cross-chain transactions: Developers can use Overledger APIs to perform cross-chain transactions, enabling assets to be transferred between different blockchain networks. This functionality is essential for applications that require atomic swaps, asset tokenisation, or cross-border payments.

Smart contract execution: Overledger supports the execution of smart contracts across multiple blockchains, allowing developers to deploy and manage smart contracts that span multiple platforms. This feature enables the creation of complex, multi-chain applications with programmable logic.

Scalability and performance: Overledger APIs are designed to improve scalability and performance by leveraging the unique capabilities of each blockchain network.

Security and compliance: Overledger provides tools and protocols for ensuring application security and compliance. Developers can implement features such as multi-signature wallets to meet their security and compliance requirements.

Developer-friendly: Overledger APIs are designed to be developer-friendly, with comprehensive documentation, SDKs (software development kits), and code samples available to help developers get started quickly. The platform supports popular programming languages like JavaScript, Python, and Java, making it accessible to a wide range of developers.

By harnessing the power of Overledger APIs from Quant, developers can create robust applications that leverage the capabilities of multiple blockchain networks.

Overledger makes blockchain simple, trusted and future-proof.