No code third-party integrations.

Overledger integrations are designed to increase blockchain accessibility and provide users with access to the automated processes we typically see in the financial services industry.

Overledger integrations also allow enterprises to accelerate proofs of concept and save significant time, resources, and investment. Instead of wasting up to a year of development time exploring blockchain, companies can now use our integrations and do it in days.

Using the Overledger integration, users can automate complex processes such as tokenised transactions, account monitoring and asset bridging, all without a single line of code.

We currently offer two integrations:

An automation software that enables users to visually create, build and automate workflows called Scenarios – without the need for any previous coding experience. Used by hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide, it allows users to build and automate various solutions and applications.

An industry-leading no-code development platform, its ‘zaps’ are beloved by millions for seamlessly integrating business applications and systems to automate workflows.

Using new Overledger powered 'Zaps' for Zapier or 'Scenarios' for Make, users can create automated sequences of API calls for actions such as data feeds, real time monitoring, and more – all without any blockchain expertise or needing to write a single line of code. Like all 'Zaps' and 'Scenarios', Overledger powered ones can include additional integrations to any other app in the Zapier or Make app store (including A.I. tools, business analytic tools, traditional database and office programs, etc.), meaning the automation possibilities are almost endless.