No code integration with limited Overledger features – testnets only.

Zapier is an industry-leading no-code development platform, where users create 'Zaps' to integrate disparate systems and automate workflows seamlessly.

This user guide is to help people use the Overledger app available in the Zapier app store in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Linking Your Overledger Account to Zapier
Step 2: How to Test Zapier's Overledger App
Step 3: Using Overledger on Zapier

The actions available in Zapier's Overledger app currently reflect Overledger's V3 APIs. Other Overledger APIs can be used via Zapier's Webhooks app.


Due to Zapier's internal company policy on payment processing products, the actions to 'execute a transaction' are unavailable publicly in Zapier's Overledger app at this time.

Should Zapier's internal policy change, then the 'execute a transaction' actions will be made public.

Below is an example video showing how to set up a Zap to monitor smart contract activity and send emails relating to this activity.