Transaction signing sandbox API

Only available on EVM compatible testnets.

When the user's application private key is secured in Overledger's Authorise, then Overledger can sign all transactions on testnets (such as simple token transfers, smart contract writes or Bridge asset transfers) with this private key, given a signing request from the user.


  • While registering your application, ensure to select enable testnet signing checkbox

How do you sign with Overledger transaction signing?

  1. Use transaction sandbox signing endpoint to sign your transaction
  2. You will need to provide the information below to the signing request payload
    • KeyId : The address that corresponds to your private key. This id was generated when registering your application.
    • TSR name: CTA
    • Payload from preparation step (RequestId, DltFee, nativeData,...)


We fund your wallet with test tokens when you register your application and apply testnet signing

0.01 ETH for Sepolia testnet network

0.01 MATIC for Polygon Mumbai testnet network