What is a transaction?

A transaction on a blockchain is an instruction that changes the blockchain state. For example, a transaction occurs when one person transfers a digital asset they own to another person.

This guide is designed to walk you through the steps needed to search for a transaction on the network. There are two approaches to performing a search:

  1. Using the prepare-execute model: Using this approach, the first API call will register the search request, and the second API call will perform it.
  2. Using the autoexecute model: Using this approach, there is only one API call, where the search is performed immediately.

In this page, we will only discuss the autoexecute version.


  • Obtain an authorization token
    You must obtain an authorisation token to interact with Overledger's API and call any endpoint. This token will authenticate your requests and grant you access to the necessary endpoints. Please follow the authentication process provided by Overledger to get your authorisation token.

Call the endpoint

Pass the transaction Id, for which you would like to perform a search, as part of the API path in <transactionId> as follows:


To get details on the transaction 0x67097e609326cec3449f9bcf3e7ccfbd3bc107dde2de068e1f669f5fa5c82cf2, build you request as below.

curl --request POST \
     --header 'Authorization: Bearer token' \
     --header 'accept: application/json' \
     --header 'content-type: application/json'
    "location": {
        "technology": "Ethereum",
        "network": "Ethereum Sepolia Testnet"

If the request is successful, you will receive a response with the transaction details as below:

    "preparationTransactionSearchResponse": {
        "requestId": "071cc96d-2956-4c04-9e22-ca2714f4227c",
        "gatewayFee": {
            "amount": "0",
            "unit": "QNT"
    "executionTransactionSearchResponse": {
        "location": {
            "technology": "Ethereum",
            "network": "ethereum sepolia testnet"
        "type": "CONTRACT_INVOKE",
        "timestamp": "1709896188",
        "status": {
            "value": "SUCCESSFUL",
            "code": "TXN1003",
            "description": "Transaction successful",
            "message": "Transaction successful",
            "timestamp": "1709896440"
        "transaction": {
            "transactionId": "0xc0905f1811403569e54030e553ed99bf104ab27edfdbf8b795457953f4751069",
            "signature": [
            "totalPaymentAmount": [
                    "amount": "0",
                    "unit": "ETH"
            "origin": [
                    "originId": "0x6E32dA6eDbea6b4c794CD50c830753F9b134DEf0",
                    "sequence": "2"
            "destination": [
                    "destinationId": "0xE9bEa8DdbDbd7994e4E3184B1563570A4B734E55",
                    "smartContract": {
                        "smartContractId": "0xE9bEa8DdbDbd7994e4E3184B1563570A4B734E55",
                        "type": "CONTRACT",
                        "function": {
                            "functionId": "0x94d008ef"
            "fee": {
                "amount": "0",
                "unit": "ETH"
            "nativeData": {
                "hash": "0xc0905f1811403569e54030e553ed99bf104ab27edfdbf8b795457953f4751069",
                "nonce": 2,
                "blockHash": "0xc6619321b4e60241c6c7cba687022c883f363a711760cba05c9845c22d0e7671",
                "blockNumber": 5441628,
                "chainId": 11155111,
                "transactionIndex": 149,
                "from": "0x6e32da6edbea6b4c794cd50c830753f9b134def0",
                "to": "0xe9bea8ddbdbd7994e4e3184b1563570a4b734e55",
                "value": 0,
                "gasPrice": 1143859535,
                "gas": 40940,
                "input": "0x94d008ef0000000000000000000000006e32da6edbea6b4c794cd50c830753f9b134def0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000003b9aca00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000006000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000050aefdffafe000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000",
                "creates": null,
                "publicKey": null,
                "raw": null,
                "r": "0xf4a5d493dddf43fb94bbb27b727c16a97ec9aa09a6c5b711ebd78e531429f186",
                "s": "0x671f37a8b653d685937865c6f9e99049abf8f1a39e0387b0d19f23f8970cf8ce",
                "v": 1,
                "type": "0x2",
                "maxFeePerGas": 1149777809,
                "maxPriorityFeePerGas": 968028294,
                "accessList": [],
                "chainIdRaw": "0xaa36a7",
                "blockNumberRaw": "0x53085c",
                "transactionIndexRaw": "0x95",
                "valueRaw": "0x0",
                "gasPriceRaw": "0x442de94f",
                "gasRaw": "0x9fec",
                "maxFeePerGasRaw": "0x44883791",
                "maxPriorityFeePerGasRaw": "0x39b2f086",
                "nonceRaw": "0x2"