Understanding smart contracts and smart contract interaction.

Executing functions on the blockchain, or interacting with a smart contract involves connecting to a specific blockchain network, executing the function, and receiving the results.

Overledger provides a simple interface that removes the necessity for technical knowledge such as Solidity coding, client libraries (e.g., Web3j), or intricate node interaction commands. This empowers anyone, regardless of their technical background, to interact with smart contracts effortlessly.

Once a smart contract is deployed to a network, the Overledger's read and write smart contract endpoints can interact with the code stored on the blockchain.

  • Reading invocation (retrieving data) does not change the state of the blockchain.
  • Write invocation changes the state of the blockchain. Therefore on public permissionless blockchain networks performing this action will cost a particular fee, since this action requires the creation of a new transaction to be placed in the blockchain.