Create currency or digital asset token types as part of your use case.

Use Overledger's token flow to configure and easily deploy chain-agnostic smart tokens that address your business needs - without the need for coding. Quant smart tokens are interoperable and pre-audited token smart contracts.

  • Start by choosing your use case and learning more about the suitable Quant smart token for your project
  • Deploy in under three minutes a Quant Smart token with Quant Connect
  • Start building by leveraging this token across various Overledger APIs for many purposes, ensuring seamless integration and utilisation within your blockchain applications.

Overledger supports two types of Quant smart token standards:

The tokenisation flows are exclusively available in Overledger for EVM-based networks.

To gain a deeper understanding of these token standards and their functionalities, developers can refer to the documentation linked above for comprehensive details and information.