How to create a bridge flow

Move Quant smart tokens from one DLT to another.


Use our Bridge flow to easily configure and deploy Quant smart token bridges between two networks to meet your business needs.

To create a bridge, you need to use bridge flow in Quant Connect by following these steps:

Quick deploy.

Introduction to Bridge Deployment

Upon clicking the Quick Deploy button, you'll be directed to a page presenting a series of steps to deploy your bridge. The initial step, labelled Introduction, provides valuable insights into the deployment process to guide you through.

Select Token Type and Token Name

View Quant smart tokens typesTBD

The token is deployed by deploying token in Quant Connect.

Fill in the destination token information.

The next view will show you the summary of the bridge to review before creating the new bridge.

Confirmation of the deployed bridge

The bridge will be created based on the information you provided. The destination smart contract will be created during this flow. You can find the details of the created bridge in the My Bridges section at Quant Connect.

Retrieve your bridge details adds screenshot

you can find the details on the following page.

The Bridge ID which is shown in your bridge information should be used for transferring assets.